Prizm Financial Team


Jonathan Clarke


As captain of Prizm Financial, Jon takes pride in guiding our ship to safe harbour.  Whether strategizing or tackling high level projects, Jon leads our team to the destination with some fun and hopefully some good fishing along the way.  When he’s not steering the figurative ship, Jon can be found on his actual boat fishing or spending time with family.  Bonus points if you can bet Jon and actually win!


Meghan Clarke

Vice President, Operations

Vice President of Operations is just a fancy title to indicate Meghan does a little bit of everything.  Most importantly, Meghan manage relationships with our people both externally and internally by finding a way to say YES. Meghan’s previous career was in Luxury Retail Management which means she can also help you find the perfect red lipstick or handbag!


Mike Clarke

(1948 - 2023)


Mike left a lasting impression on all that have had an opportunity to work or interact with him.  He was the emcee at everyone's wedding and was able to close a sale better than anyone.  Mike founded Prizm Financial Inc. in 1997 and continued to serve our customers as an active member of our pricing team. Mike's incredible, time-tested selling skills were valuable when negotiating fair pricing for our clients with the insurance providers!


Norah Luciani

Senior Customer Service Representative

Norah has worked with Prizm for over 20 years. Norah’s maternal instinct in the office has translated to being well known by our clients as their caretaker or even in some cases as their therapist. Everyone loves Norah, including plants and animals that seem to thrive in her presence. Who else can say they have 45 healthy plants in their house?


Ashley Evans

Senior Customer Service Representative

As a Senior member of our customer service team, Ashley works diligently to ensure all of our customers are happy and well taken care of. She will also make you swoon with regular pictures of beach fires with her husband, and mountain bike rides in the beautiful area of Vancouver Island she calls home. Ashley operates with true empathy, meaning she has an incredible ability to imagine being in someone else’s shoes. This ability directly impacts the customer in a positive way as she is able to deliver an amazing customer experience. It’s too bad we can’t be in Ashley’s shoes when enjoying a fire at the beach while watching the sunset!

Profile Pic

Steven Khanna

Senior Customer Service Representative

Steven came to Prizm Financial from the provider side of our business, with experience in education and training.  Steven now provides training, education, and advice for our individual and group customers.  In his spare time, Steven enjoys spending ample time in his hot tub and infra red sauna as well as working out.  Some of his favorite series include Ozark, Dexter, Queen of the South, Virgin River, Downton Abbey, and Breaking Bad. Steven enjoys watching and playing Basketball with Michael Jordan being his favorite player.

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Nancy Savage

Senior Customer Service Representative

Nancy comes to Prizm with 12+ years in the Insurance Industry as well as numerous years of Administration background. Her greatest joy? Helping clients understand and navigate their benefits to the full extent. Nancy loves to sing, dance, read, write, and just be creative.  Her playlist is eclectic going from Ave Maria to ZZ Top (and everything in between including Disney). When she is not doing that, she loves going to Farmer's Markets with her husband Mike to get fresh vegetables and very unique gifts.


Sheila Simon

Junior Customer Service Representative

Sheila is our newest team member, learning the ropes from her very capable counterparts. Sheila might just be the nicest person you will ever meet! Sheila is a dog lover and a people lover which makes her an amazing front-line service representative. Although Sheila may need a recovery program for her addiction to Amazon and Netflix, she is incredibly capable and takes such great care of our customers. Fellow dog lovers unite!


Alvin Arruda

Account Executive

Alvin has an alter ego that loves adventuring with his family. Whether he is traveling to far away places like Portugal, Thailand, and Panama, or boating in his Vancouver Island backyard, this Alvin loves taking risks and having fun! The other, more conservative Alvin works at Prizm Financial managing relationships with our customers. Alvin specializes in Employee Retirement Planning which means managing risk in a very different way than on the back of a mountain with a snowboard!


Ken Clarke

Product and Pricing Specialist

Ken's wealth of knowledge and experience behind the scenes working on the provider side for years has provided a real advantage for our clients when it comes to negotiating fair and competitive pricing. Ken takes pricing very seriously, and has even been known to provide a negotiation attempt to a provider on behalf of a client while docked during one of his many sailing adventures. When Ken's not accessing his actuarial knowledge, he can be found on his sailboat, or spending time with his family and new grandchildren. As Ken would say, Onwards and upwards!


Harpreet Kaur

Systems Manager

Harpreet is our in-house technical wizard, organizing all of our customer relationship management systems and cleaning up the administrative and detail mess that is an occupational hazard of our sales team. Harpreet has an incredible poker face, even when at a boardroom table with some loud personalities. If you need help with anything technical, whether it be understanding an illustration, or merging electronic files, Harpreet is your person. Just take our advice and don't challenge her to a poker game anytime soon.