About Prizm Financial

John Prizm

Prizm Financial is a family business built on family values. Founded in Calgary in 1997, we’re now active across Alberta, British Columbia, and Southern Ontario.

Prizm Financial provides customized products and services with the highest level of care and attention. In other words, we don’t wait for problems to happen. We keep in touch—proactively offering solutions for issues that might’ve not even materialized yet.

We’re an independently owned and operated advisory group. We work with all sorts of people, from business owners to executives to high net-worth families. We provide:

  • insurance
  • retirement planning
  • wealth and estate planning

We also like to think of ourselves as strategists, planners, and even personal confidants who get the results our clients need.

Part of working with Prizm Financial is getting new ideas from our team on how we can add value to our services. We strive to give more to our clients and negotiate hard on our clients’ behalf, creating the best options at the fairest price points.

Let’s chat about how we can create a better future for you and your team.

Yours truly,

Jonathan Clarke